Cathedral Earthquake Status

Wednesday 20 September 2023

The Cathedral's Earthquake Strengthening Committee has provided information on the seismic assessment of the building to the parish.

The Cathedral parish met on Sunday 17 September to learn about the seismic status of the building.  Chair of the Earthquake Strengthening Committee, Lawrence Yule, lead a presentation on the situation.

Waiapu Cathedral is an earthquake-prone building awaiting formal notice by Napier City Council.  This status has been determined after extensive seismic investigation and a Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA).  The parish will have 25 years to strengthen the building following receipt of the notice from NCC.

A risk-based assessment has determined that the building is quite strong and withstand moderate earthquakes, but risks failure during a large earthquake of magnitude 7 or 8.  The probability of large events is lower but the damage would be higher.

Earthquake strengthening costs are estimated around $20million.  The notification by Napier City Council of the Cathedral’s Heritage 1 status is likely to add extra cost.

You can read more information in the explanatory handout provided to the parish, linked here

Waiapu Cathedral in Napier CBD