Children & their Families

We welcome families and provide fellowship for parents and activities to share and grow in faith with their children. We offer opportunities for children to enjoy coming to church on Sunday, to be part of the choir and to explore God at their own pace.

Te WāhiAtua Godspace

This after school programme is growing! It engages with children, teens, young people and their families who gather at the Cathedral to enjoy food, fellowship and spiritual engagement using an international method called Godly Play. Our programme has been gifted the name Te WāhiAtua: Te tiaki tikanga, Godspace: Nurturing spirituality.

It’s a calm time of story-telling, wondering and play that enables children to ponder about God and the life of Jesus Christ.  We offer this programme for all ages, and during Term 4 2023 is available weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3.00 – 5.00pm.  Healthy snacks and drinks are provided.

Parents are welcome to contact the coordinator, Janine Melville, to check the schedule and find out more – 021 1363 454 or 

The final programme for 2023 will be on Thursday 30 November, resuming at the start of the school term in 2024.

Cathedral Kids

The Cathedral Kids programme is available each Sunday during the 10am Eucharist service in the Cathedral. We offer fellowship, bible sharing and an activity or feast for children 4 – 12 years, between the gradual hymn and communion. We also welcome parents with infants and toddlers who want a space to play. 

Young People's Choir

The Cathedral Young People’s Choir is a group of young girls and boys (ages 8 – 14 years) who enjoy singing together.  No prior experience is necessary so this is also an opportunity if a child wants to learn to sing.  

Young singers can work towards RSCM qualifications and medals. The children join with the Cathedral Choir for concerts and services, especially at Christmas, and for family services at Ormond Chapel. 

This group also provides an opportunity for their parents to spend a social time with each other.  For more information, see the Music page

Choral medal


The Cathedral encourages all children and adults to be baptised and made members of the Body of Christ, the Church. 

The Cathedral clergy are happy to meet with families and candidates and to discuss the baptism service and commitment it implies.

The programme Understanding the Eucharist is offered regularly to groups of younger members to help them grow in their knowledge of Christ and the Church.

Confirmation of those commitments made earlier in life is another stage in a person’s faith journey that is readily available at the Cathedral.