There are many ways our people get involved in the life and work of the Cathedral.

  • Join in our worship services on Sunday or during the week and be part of a caring, worshipping community. 


  • Join a House Group to study aspects of the Bible and the liturgy, and get to know some great people.


  • Find an opportunity to serve! There are many tasks where you can volunteer your skills and interests ( as much or as little as you can manage!). For example – sound desk operation on Sunday morning; serving morning tea after the service; cleaning, repairs and maintenance; flower-arranging; act as a host and safety warden for concerts and events; serve as a communion/chalice assistant, crucifer or greeter at services; be a tour guide; or contribute to children’s programmes. There are many opportunities to share and work with others.


  • If you are a musician, you could help with the music ministry, join the choir or, as a parent, involve your child in the Young People’s Choir.


  • If you have skills that could be useful on a committee, you could help others to implement fundraising, works, maintenance, health and safety, finance or communication. And if committees aren’t your thing, you can still be actively involved by volunteering your time and hands to help with working bees and fundraising activities.


We welcome all volunteers who help make the Cathedral and its parish a home for all. Please talk with our People’s Warden or contact the office for more information. If training is required we can provide it, so you do not need to already be an expert, you just enthusiasm for being part of the life of the Parish and encouraging our people.

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