Remembrance Day Service for Community, 5 Nov

Tuesday 31 October 2023

The annual Remembrance Day service will be held at 5.00 – 6.00pm on Sunday 5 November at Waiapu Cathedral, Napier, and is open to everyone in Hawke’s Bay to commemorate their loved ones who have died.  

“We will welcome everyone who mourns and misses a loved one to this simple service where they can find blessing in a time of contemplation, prayer and music,” says Cathedral Dean Rev’d Di Woods.  

This Sunday is the closest to All Saints Day (1 November) which is traditionally dedicated to all who have died and gone to heaven.  Dunstalls Funeral Services have for many years supported the cathedral offering this service to people of all faiths or beliefs to remember the dead.  

The service will include readings and reflections, and the opportunity to light a candle for people’s loved ones. 

The cathedral choir will sing an anthem ‘Drop, Drop Slow Tears’ composed by past cathedral musical director Vincent James, and the beautiful Arohanui Blessing with words by renowned author Joy Cowley and tune composed by the former Dean of Waiapu Cathedral, Ian Render.

Candle prayer for peace, Photo: Anna Sheets